Research center "Module" is a Russian design center with many years of experience in the design of microelectronic components and devices. The company has acquired great fame both in Russia and abroad through the development of high-performance processor cores NeuroMatrix® architecture DSP/RISC and VLSI design class system-on-chip, including high-precision multichannel high speed ADC and DAC.

All projects are based on technologies of the world’s leading semiconductor industry.

The company has experience in the design of microelectronic components by technology to 40 nm.

The most modern design tools are in the ownership of RC "Module": CAD Cadence®, Synopsys® and a hardware accelerator modeling Palladium® Cadence. The company has access to the IP blocks companies from ARM®, Silicon Image®, Aeroflex Gaisler®, Takumi®. The company developed IP Cores for various purposes. The competence of the specialists of RC "Module" includes:

  • qualified selection of components and manufacturer both in Russia and abroad;
  • VLSI design and verification though CAD tools Cadence and Synopsys;
  • the compilation and transmission of query with a comprehensive amount of information
    to the manufacturer to release VLSI prototypes;
  • prototype tests on modern test equipment;
  • ordering the required chip series and its support.