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TrafficMonitor® is a family of software products designed for video surveillance of a road section, for real time measuring the traffic flow characteristics, and for transmitting the measured information to a remote traffic control station. Here you can connect to real Traffic-Monitor® device being in operation. The camera is installed on Planetnaya Street in Moscow.

 Connect to "TrafficMonitor®"

Note: to view the page correctly, use the Internet Explorer browser with Java support. Please note that your Internet connection rate must be at least 256 Kbit/sec .


TrafficMonitor® provides the following functional tasks:

  •   Simultaneous analysis of multiple lanes (6 lanes)
  •   The classification of vehicles in the following types:     

                 -  Cars;

                 -  Pick-ups and trucks up to 11 meters;

                 -  Trucks in length from 11 to 14 meters;

                 -  Trucks are longer than 14 meters;

                 -  Buses;

                 -  Motorcycles.

Automatic detection of the following events in each lane:

  •  Stop the vehicle;
  •  Speed exceeding;
  •  Opposite direction movement;
  •  Start and end stage of traffic jams.


Measurement of traffic characteristics for each lane separately:


  •  Total number of vehicles, passing in a fixed time;
  •  Number of vehicles of each type;
  •  Average speed for all vehicles;
  •  Average speed of vehicles of each type;
  •  Standard deflection of speed;
  •  Average distance between vehicles;
  •  Average interval time between vehicles;
  • Evaluation of lane congestion in percentage;
  • Number of recorded events on the lane.

  The structure of software systems "TrafficMonitor®" includes the following components:

     TMServer - software network video detector. Ensures reception and processing of streaming IP-cameras, accumulation of traffic statistics and results in a database.
     TMKernel - video analytics software module. Performs video processing in order  to detect and classify vehicles and measure their parameters.
     TMControl - GUI management application software detector transport.
     TMAPI - application programming interface (SDK). Is used to integrate the  TrafficMonitor®  in the user program of transport monitoring and management.

Software Components TrafficMonitor®  is cross-platform. They are designed to run on computers and servers that are using Windows 7 and Linux operating systems.

Its possible to run multiple programs on the same computer TMServer - the number is limited only by the computer's performance.


Download TrafficMonitor®  for Windows 7

·         TrafficMonitor® Windows 32 (Installator)

·         TrafficMonitor® Windows 64 (Installator)

Download TrafficMonitor®  for Linux

·         TrafficMonitor® Linux 32 (Archive)

·         TrafficMonitor® Linux 64 (Archive)

To work with the program in the Windows environment, need to install framework GStreamer

·         GStreamer x86

·         GStreamer x86-64



Software network video detector


Software video detector module


TMServer control application


Application programming interface