Research Center "Module" (RC Module) is an innovative Russian development company designing high-end RISC/DSP processors, mixed-signal ASICs and real-time video-image processing systems.

SIP, IP Cores

NeuroMatrix® NMC3 DSP Core

NeuroMatrix® Core 3 (NMC3) is а high performance DSP core with VLIW/SIMD/decoupled architectures. The core includes a 32-bit RISC processor and a 64-b...


The CRYPTO IP is the hardware realization of cryptographic algorithms AES, DES and GOST (GOST 28147-89) in different modes. The special CRYPTO IP allo...

IP Core HDTV Video Controller

Key features: • Video controller for a digital video broadcasting and other video applications • Video scaling and filtering • Translucent OSD laye...

MPEG-2 Transport Stream Demultiplexer IP Core

Key features: • MPEG-2 transport stream receiving, descrambling and demultiplexing • Up to 3 serial/parallel MPEG-2 transport streams from tuner and...

IP Core NAND Flash Controller

Key features: • NAND Flash memory controller with DMA • 8-bit NAND Flash interface • Hardware ECC calculation • ECC up to 24 errors / 1 kb • Minimal load on the processor • Linux MTD Driver

DVB-CI interface controller IP Core

The DVB-CI (DVB Common Interface) is a modification of PCMCIA. It is used to control an external conditional access module (CAM) for digital televisio...

IP Core smart card interface

Basic specifications: • Compliance with standards ISO7816-3 and ISO 7816-4. • Support of T0 and T1 protocols data exchange with a smart card. • Sup...

IP Core multichannel audio controller

Key features: • Multichannel sound controller for consumer electronics applications • S/PDIF and 4-channel I2S interfaces • Control of the control...

IP core CSA 3 descrambler

The CSA 3 descrambler IP core is hardware implementation of DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm version 3.

IP core CSA 2.1 descrambler

The CSA 2.1 descrambler IP core is hardware implementation of DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm version 2.1.



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