NM6406 is a high performance DSP processor designed for real time data flow processing. The architecture is based on the advanced VLIW/SIMD NMC3 core, and consists of a 32/64-bit RISC processor and a 64-bit VECTOR co-processor. The co-processor supports vector/matrix operations with elements of variable bit length (US Pat. 6539368 B1).


  • 32/64-bit RISC processor core;
  • 64-bit vector coprocessor (VECTOR COPROCESSOR);
  • Four dual port internal SRAM banks (8Кx64 bit each);
  • 1Кх64bit of instruction cache memory (ICACHE);
  • Address generator unit (AGU);
  • Two 64-bit external memory interfaces (LMI иGMI), that operate at speed up to 130 MHz;
  • Two Byte communication ports with throughput each up to 150 MB per second;
  • Eight general purpose IO ports (GPIO);
  • JTAG port for debug and test purposes;
  • Two independent DMA controllers;
  • Internal/External interrupts controller (INTERRUPT);
  • Two universal 32-bit timers (TIMER0 иTIMER1).


Main characteristics

  • CMOS technology - 90nm;
  • package - 416 BGA;
  • Clock frequency - 320 MHz;
  • Power supply - 1,2 V (core) 3,3 В(I/O buffers);
  • Power consumption - less than 1,2 W;
  • Ambient temperature: -55°C : +85°C.


  • IR and video processing;
  • Navigation;
  • CDMA иTDMA base stations.